[whatwg] date/time types

fantasai fantasai.lists at inkedblade.net
Fri Jun 11 11:21:43 PDT 2004

Dean Edwards wrote:

> would it be useful to extend the "precision" attribute to cover 
> dates/times? this might eliminate the need for some of the extra input 
> types.

The precision for time goes in both ways: less accurate and less absolute.
And there are two kinds: point in time (i.e. when), and amount of time.
(It's less confusing in Chinese, but we're conversing in English. *shrug*)

Point in time:

  Absolute times:

   year-month-day-hour-minute-second       Equinox
   year-month-day-hour-minute              Plane is scheduled to arrive
   year-month-day-hour                     Desired departure time, hour precision
   year-month-day-(morning|afternoon|evening...) Desired departure time
   year-month-day                          Date of birth
   year-month                              Graduation date
   year-week                               not used in my locale :)
   year -> number

  Scoped times:
   month-day                               Holiday
   weekday-time                            Weekly teleconference
   weekday -> select
   time                                    Daily backup
   time, no zoneinfo                       Hour of sunrise, lunch hour

   weekday-time would work fine with a select box for the weekday, I think

Amount of time:
   hour-minute                             Preparation time
   minutes -> number
   minute-second                           Mile run time
   seconds -> number



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