[whatwg] repetition model

Peter-Paul Koch gassinaumasis at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 13 16:36:46 PDT 2004

> > It causes an error only in Opera, but only Mozilla actually inserts the
> > element. IE and Safari don't do anything.
>Er, which IE?


>shows the repeat elements to me.

Interesting. This is trickier than I thought. I made a mistake by appending 
the repeat element to documentElement instead of body, and more research is 

IE Windows definitely has some sort of access to custom elements. IE Mac and 
Safari have troubles, and Opera gives outright errors.

> > or whatever. This way it's accessible to W3C DOM scripts, which bear the
> > brunt of repeating anyway until native support for Web Forms is reached.
>Seen as (by how I read the process) the spec cannot reach a mature
>stable level until there are native implementations, why should we
>bother with this restriction?  Why not do it properly rather than have
>a half assed load of methods duplicating nothing that isn't already
>done in script - no-one will be able to use the specification in a
>commercial environment until the spec is mature, why not leave the
>proof of concept scripting to be done on a good useful specification?

Because I want to start using it right away instead of in five years (at 
which date it won't be supported by you-know-which-browser, which will 
probably still have a large market share, and at which date there will be 
some incompatibilities between browsers that do support the specification).

In any case, the whole case of access to custom elements needs extra 
research. In the long run, IE Windows support is most important, and I think 
we've got it.

Maybe we can use the repeat element after all.

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