[whatwg] repetition model

Dean Edwards dean at edwards.name
Sun Jun 13 16:48:18 PDT 2004

Peter-Paul Koch wrote:
> Because I want to start using it right away instead of in five years
> (at which date it won't be supported by you-know-which-browser, which
> will probably still have a large market share, and at which date
> there will be some incompatibilities between browsers that do support
> the specification).
> In any case, the whole case of access to custom elements needs extra
>  research. In the long run, IE Windows support is most important, and
> I think we've got it.
you can fool IE into recognising new HTML elements by doing things like 
this can be achieved in javascript by creating a namespace in memory using:
(using javascript) you can replace the unrecognised elements with a 
namespaced version. i use this technique here:
by using a bit of javascript you can fix the DOM pretty good.
let me know if you want to see a more generic fix.

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