[whatwg] What improves Web applications?

Pete Harlow peter.harlow at thales-transportservices.com
Wed Jun 16 05:51:49 PDT 2004

Yes - one page with, say, multiple body sections would be very useful. 
The user agent could then load and display the first body, display this 
whilst continuing to load the other sections and associated graphics, 
which would then be available for immediate display.

There needs to be a way to navigate between sections according to the 
result of user input to each section, and some sort of 'hidden' 
attribute to enable one section to fulfill both, say, an initial user 
input form and the subsequent (for me, usually :-j ) 'please correct the 
fields in red' version of the same form. Perhaps this attribute will be 
in Web Forms 2 - I haven't read it in detail yet.



Ian Hickson wrote:
> On Fri, 11 Jun 2004, Pete Harlow wrote:
>>A big plus point would be to prefetch the next page so it loads
>>immediately the 'next' button is clicked. Or a mechanism to load several
>>forms with one document which can be dealt with sequentially in the
>>browser window. People hate to wait.
> A mechanism to have multiple "sections" on one page is most definitely on
> the Web Apps 1.0 list ("mutually exclusive sections").

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