[whatwg] Re: Web Forms 2: Altenative to <select editable>

Malcolm Rowe malcolm-what at farside.org.uk
Wed Jun 23 09:50:15 PDT 2004

Ian Hickson writes:
> Ok I read the thread on <select editable> and here is a summary of the
> ideas that seemed worth considering: 
> [<select editable>]
> Con: In down-level clients, can only select from the list.

To be honest, I think that this 'Con' is a show-stopper for this method. If 
we have to choose between the legacy version being a 'select' or being 'an 
editable' (i.e., a text box), then I think we should choose the latter. 

As you point out, we do also have the option of using both: a text box 
paired with a select, in some form. While that provides the right 
functionality in legacy clients, it'd be quite complex to author and use (at 
the server-side), and I'd imagine, very complex for UA authors to support. 

Just for the record, what I eventually ended up suggesting was something you 
didn't mention. It worked out to something like this: 

   <input type="email" name="test" data="...">

.. but I also noted several problems with that approach. 


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