[whatwg] Suggestion: Implementation of Tabbed Forms

Joost Smit joost at talyn.student.utwente.nl
Mon Jun 28 16:30:58 PDT 2004

Jerrett Taylor wrote:

> Nice idea, tabed forms are something that could and probably would be 
> made use of more often if there were a clean and simply way to do it. 
> Using something like your example, how would one go about tweaking the 
> visual properties of the tabs and the container, by applying css to 
> the legend/fieldset?
> how would it be rendered, as one fieldset with multiple legends, each 
> legend representing a tab?

Wouldn't it be better to define tabs as a html structure then a form 
feature ?
Something like a number of div's where there's always one visible, and 
the rest automatically hidden.
It's something good for more situations then only for forms. I 
personally think it should belong in another specification, and it can 
be really useful


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