[whatwg] Order of repeating blocks; other misc comments

Stuart Ballard sballard at netreach.com
Wed Jun 30 06:20:45 PDT 2004

Ian Hickson wrote:
> Just include the repetition blocks with the values prefilled. There is
> nothing special that happens if the repetition block is different than the
> template.

I think that "nothing special" is still something special, in a way - to 
the point that it took me some thought to figure out what you might mean 
by "nothing special" in this context.

Presumably you mean that the repetition block is rendered exactly as 
sent and the content of the template is completely ignored.

An alternative would be for the content of the template to be used 
unconditionally; that might also be considered "nothing special", but 
would have contradicted the rest of your answer.

I wonder if there might be value in having a way to specify that a 
repetition block should be instantiated explicitly, with particular 
field values, without having to produce the whole repetition block 
(including, potentially, a whole bunch of content that's fixed) several 
times over. In some server-side solutions this is likely to lead to 
needing to enter the repetition block body twice - once for the explicit 
rows and once for the template. (I'm thinking of ASP.NET here, because 
MS is hardly going to add support for WF2 into their builtin controls, 
although third parties could).


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