[whatwg] Enhanced data tables

Afternoon afternoon at uk2.net
Sun Nov 7 10:35:17 PST 2004

Enhanced data tables

Proposed addition to Web Controls 1.0.

Separate designation for data bearing tables that allow browsers to 
provide extended data manipulation features such as:

      * Sorting
        Standard controls for sorting by each column/asc+desc
        Native code for fast sorting of many data

      * In-browser pagination
        If the dataset is small, there is no reason why a larger number
        of data can't be sent to the browser, to allow greater sorting
        functionality there. Usable display of larger datasets would be
        assisted by pagination.


"Calculated cells" could be simply created with DOM and JS, but XPath 
could be used for this function as well:

	<calculated expression="../../colgroup[id=price]/td">

(Just a thought)


((Ben Godfrey) (Software) (see "http://www.cohack.com/?src=eval"))

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