[whatwg] Discovery of interest re Web Applications 1.0 / Demos / Semi-offtopic

Lachlan Hunt lachlan.hunt at iinet.net.au
Tue Sep 7 05:22:10 PDT 2004

Daniel O'Connor wrote:

> A friend of mine showed me this web application about 15 minutes ago:
> http://tahpot.homeip.net/wp_blog/index.php?p=6
> Demo: http://tahpot.homeip.net/projects/dm/

That's very clever, I was impressed, except that, as you said, it 
doesn't degrade gracefully.  However, the degrading of it can most 
likely be improved with a little more thought about how to implement it.

Resizing content, as the example deomonstrates, is already being 
considered for CSS3 Basic User Interface Module resize property.

I thought moving properties were in there also, but I couldn't find 
them.  Maybe I'm just getting confused and thinking of the 'move' value 
for the 'cursor' property, I don't know.

Lachlan Hunt

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