[whatwg] Discovery of interest re Web Applications 1.0 / Demos / Semi-offtopic

Daniel O'Connor daniel.oconnor at gmail.com
Tue Sep 7 13:16:28 PDT 2004

On Tue, 7 Sep 2004 17:01:52 +0100, Jim Ley <jim.ley at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Tue, 7 Sep 2004 21:15:32 +0930, Daniel O'Connor
> <daniel.oconnor at gmail.com > wrote:
> > A friend of mine showed me this web application about 15 minutes ago:
> >
> > http://tahpot.homeip.net/wp_blog/index.php?p=6 
> >
> > Demo: http://tahpot.homeip.net/projects/dm/ 
> not wanting to denegrate the solution or the concept, it's good
> (indeed I recently worked on a contract producing a window manager in
> HTML+css+js)  but I do not think it's a good example of a
> web-application for the WHAT-WG - A window manager is not an
> application we should be enabling, window manager authoring is far
> from trivial, and a javascript UI can never know the paradigms the
> user is used to in their window manager.
> Or was it some specific areas of the app framework you considered of relevance?
> Jim.

I thought it was a rather good example of a general purpose web
application - this has a particular 'feel' of a desktop application
which i don't typically experience in a web application.
Kind of an 'imagine this if it had web apps 1.0 tabs, canvas and many
other features available'.

Feature of note: visual gripper for resizing integrated into statusbar. 

A multi-purpose statusbar for specific controls/ collections of
controls would be useful imho: overriding (intercepting?) the UA's
statusbar for XmlHttpRequests/ transactions between the server, as
well as providing a useful place for feedback to a user.
Ie, "Transaction Completed" or "Saved" -> whichever message you like to output.

Enables more complex web applications that 'load' in the background;
and a user can move on to other tasks (ie, logging in via an
XmlHttpRequest but already starting to author content for a blog
comment or somesuch.)

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