[whatwg] base/xml:base

Robert Sayre mint at franklinmint.fm
Thu Apr 28 11:44:51 PDT 2005

I'm not sure where this fits in the WhatWG backwards compatibility 
requirements, but would it be possible to allow finer-grained control 
over the baseURI in sections of a page? I gather that Mozilla already 
does this with xml:base and that sticking base elements in the HTML body 
is a hack that seems to work in some browsers (ick). I believe it's 
quite likely page authors will want to aggregate content with disparate 
baseURIs, whether from syndication, dashboard widgets, or something 
else. So, could one of the new elements in WA 1.0 grow a base attribute 
and explicit support for xml:base?

Robert Sayre

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