[whatwg] text/html flavor conformance checkers and <foo />

Anne van Kesteren fora at annevankesteren.nl
Mon Apr 25 13:00:32 PDT 2005

Brad Neuberg wrote:
>> What should text/html flavor conformance checkers say about <foo />?
>> Silently treat as <foo>> as per SGML?
>> Silently treat as <foo> as per real world?
>> Report a warning?
>> Report an error?
>> What about <foo/>?
>> I am leaning towards reporting an error.
> Unfortunately, <foo /> is the real world way of "hacking" XHTML support 
> into IE, since IE will belch if you give <foo/>.  You also have to serve 
> it up as text/html for IE.....  You should probably transform it into 
> what people expect it in the real world, which is turning <foo /> into 
> <foo>.

That was my first though too, until Henri pointed out he was talking 
about conformance checkers and not about parsers.

  Anne van Kesteren

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