[whatwg] Implementation of WF2 for IE

Dean Edwards dean at edwards.name
Mon May 16 13:00:02 PDT 2005

Hi all,

Some of the developers on this list are collaborating on a scripted 
implementation of Web Forms 2.0 for Internet Explorer (Win32). We are 
hosting the development on SourceForge. The solution will be available 
under the LGPL (although that it is open to change). There is an open 
discussion here:


We'd appreciate your help/insight/suggestions. To confess, we are 
already flummoxed by the CVS system, so if someone can be of help then 
visit the link above. The other developers are Olav Junker Kjær (who has 
been extremely busy), Erik Arvidsson and Dimitri Glazkov.

The project home page is here:


There is very little to see so far. I'll post again when there is 
something concrete to demonstrate. This message is mostly a call for 
help with CVS. ;-)


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