[whatwg] Test suite: Embedded content

Anne van Kesteren fora at annevankesteren.nl
Mon Nov 28 12:14:05 PST 2005

Quoting Ian Hickson <ian at hixie.ch>:
>>   http://zcorpan.1go.dk/test/html/embedded/
>> Are the pass conditions correct?
> Not sure, I haven't really worked out what that section should say yet.
> I think for <img> you want to only support image/* types (e.g. not
> text/plain or text/html, not sure about image/svg+xml either, since there
> is no difference between that and application/xhtml+xml); and you want to
> only show them for 200 (or 301-200).

This is what is tested I believe. (image/svg+xml is indeed though one. People
want it to work though. Also for 'background-image' and 'list-style-image'
which are basically the same...)

> For <iframe> you want to support all
> types, and you want to show the contents for all the response codes, but
> they should show inside the frame regardless of the type.

Really? Wouldn't it be better to show the fallback content of the 
element? IMHO
<iframe> should just be a special case of <object>.

> For <embed> you
> want to show only things that require plugins, and only if they have 200
> (or 301-200) responses.

And what to do with the other things? "image/png" does not really require a
plugin but UAs will load QuickTime or so. "text/html" will do nothing and show
some: "this format is not supported, look for a plugin" message... I 
would like
this to become a special case of <object> as well actually. Although there is
some issue with fallback content...

Anne van Kesteren

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