[whatwg] <a href="" ping="">

S. Mike Dierken mike at dierken.com
Sat Oct 22 16:35:47 PDT 2005

> > Since this is effectively capturing where the user's attention is being
> > spent (the click event I mean), should you also define the other set of
> > events of interest as well?
> >  <a href="..." on-click-notify="myattention.org/dierken"
> > on-hover-notify="myattention.org/dierken"
> > on-copy-notify="myattention.org/dierken">Wicked Cool Stuff Here</a>
> This would be way too much. On copy/hover/click? You'd want this?
> I wouldn't. Companies would definitely want this.
> You anticipated something that will happen. Not now, not in this  
> specification. It's too much at once. Everything must be 
> taken slowly,  
> step by step. First step is ping=.
True - but if you use a name that is descriptive, the future extensions
would be easier to migrate into.

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