[whatwg] some feedback on Web Apps 1.0 client-side storage

Erik Arvidsson erik at eae.net
Thu Sep 8 15:52:27 PDT 2005

Ian Hickson wrote:
> DOM3 Core doesn't really define what cloneNode() does, so it is a poor 
> model to follow. Also, one of the things it _does_ define is something we 
> can't do, namely calling the NODE_CLONED UserDataHandler (because the two 
> nodes don't exist at the same time).
> Is there something in the spec for Storage that you feel differs from the 
> way cloneNode() works?

No. I just thought it would be clearer to refer to some other already 
available mechanism to user agent vendors. However, I was not aware of 
the UserDataHandler which indeed causes trouble.


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