[whatwg] image captions

Michel Fortin michel.fortin at michelf.com
Fri Apr 7 10:17:51 PDT 2006

Le 7 avr. 2006 à 11:09, Alexey Feldgendler a écrit :

> Actually, I tend to treat images and tables the same. Tables have  
> <caption>s, and a user agent can make a list of tables for  
> navigation. Why can't an image have a caption? I think images and  
> tables are quite similar.
> And I don't think that "heading" is the appropriate semantic entity  
> for marking up captions. Rather than making them headers and at the  
> same time taking measures so that they don't interfere with UA's  
> outlining facilities, I'd rather say that headings should be left  
> entirely for document outline, and captions are marked up  
> explicitly as captions.

Well, I'm all for using <caption> -- it obviously is the most logical  
choice -- but, as stated in my first reply, the caption element is  
completely ignored by today's HTML parsers when outside the context  
of a table. This makes captions impossible to style or use within the  
DOM. That's why I'm suggesting an alternative that doesn't involve  
the caption element.

Personally, I can leave with a caption element that doesn't show up  
in the DOM of legacy user-agents. But given all the attention given  
to backward compatibility, it just seem a little out of place to  
ignore such an issue.

> I'm replying to the mailing list, assuming that you have replied  
> off-list by accident. There was nothing really private in your  
> message, and I think the discussion hasn't went off-topic.

Yes, that was an accident, and not the first. I'm used to some other  
lists where I can just hit reply.

Michel Fortin
michel.fortin at michelf.com

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