[whatwg] input type="country"?

Sander Tekelenburg tekelenb at euronet.nl
Thu Aug 24 16:35:35 PDT 2006

At 19:00 +0200 UTC, on 2006-08-24, Charles McCathieNevile wrote:

> On Thu, 24 Aug 2006 18:44:26 +0200, Sander Tekelenburg
> <tekelenb at euronet.nl> wrote:


>> I imagine the quickest way to get an implementation would be in the form
>> of a Firefox plug-in.
> Actually, it should be possible as a user javascript, for anyone who can
> write javascript right.

Yeah, I was thinking of that initially but somehow forgot about it.

Sander Tekelenburg, <http://www.euronet.nl/~tekelenb/>

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