[whatwg] Lists, <ins>/<del>, and <a>

Ric Hardacre ric at hardacre.org
Wed Aug 30 00:56:27 PDT 2006

Michel Fortin wrote:
> Le 29 août 2006 à 23:00, Lachlan Hunt a écrit :
>> Michel Fortin wrote:
>>> How can we markup removed or inserted list items? Here's a general idea:
>>>     <ul>
>>>     <ins><li>Some list item</li></ins>
>>>     <del><li>Another list item</li></del>
>>>     </ul>
>> This can be solved by putting the ins and del elements as the only
>> child nodes of the li elements instead.
>> <ul>
>>   <li><ins>Some list item</ins></li>
>>   <li><del>Another list item</del></li>
>> </ul>
> The meaning of your markup is that you inserted and deleted some text
> within each list item, not that you added or deleted a list item like in
> mine. Semantically there is a difference, subtle maybe but still there.

Another related thought we could discuss for revision control using ins
and del is that they could do with a couple of attributes, a datetime
and an author:

<p>On a dull and dreary afternoon <ins datetime="2006-27-08 12:34:56"
author="Ric Hardacre">I added this text while</ins> the rain poured down</p>

Ric Hardacre

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