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Karl Dubost karl at w3.org
Tue Dec 5 18:17:23 PST 2006

Le 6 déc. 2006 à 08:02, Ian Hickson a écrit :
> The key point here being the reference to an earlier blob in the same
> page, right?


> Interesting. That's something that currently can only really be  
> done with
> tables, <output>, and hyperlinks; I wonder if we should add a  
> fourth way
> that is more convenient for Microformat-like data.

And it's needed in many cases.

<p>Here I'm talking about <cite class="author">Henry Miller</cite>  
and <cite class="author">Charles Bukowsky<cite></p>

<p>And later on I have <q>[quotes from Henri Miller]</q> from <cite  
class="title">Tropics of Cancer</cite> and maybe even another quote  
from <cite class="title">Women</cite></p>

     [quote from Charles Bukowsky]

What Elias is saying is that the effort of RDFa community is
     1. compatible with microformats (no changes are asked on this  
     2. being able to relate information distributed in a document  
(people do not want to have necessary to group information in the  
page, but still want to relate part of it.)
     3. being conformant or at least authorized (my initial question  
about foreign attributes)

It is important in many cases, accessibility, features rich document  
after processing, etc. and it is directly associated with the  
metadata in-situ, and not forcing the users to struggle with his text  
to make it fit a model. Microformats are very useful in specific case  
as Ryan expressed, but there is a need for flexibility as Elias  
showed. My example above is another case which I have to deal with on  
a daily basis.

If you have time, Ian reads this. Keep in mind that it is a WD and  
some people are asking for HTML compatibility as well.

RDFa Primer 1.0
Embedding RDF in XHTML

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