[whatwg] markup as authored in practice

Mike Schinkel mikeschinkel at gmail.com
Sat Dec 2 21:51:37 PST 2006


I hope you are not advocating that we shouldn't have considerations for
hand-editing, and I don't see the need for hand editing ever changing.  

Even if people don't hand edit entire pages they will hand edit fragments of
pages such as on wikis and forums and blogs and cms.

Also, if tools would solve the need for hand editing, 20 years later I and
many others wouldn't still be using notepad to keep to-do lists (because
nothing else actually works quite like is needed.)  Text rules.

In a way, web app developers "hand edit" too, they use their knowledge of
the specs (which is almost never 100%) to write code that generates markup,
markup that is often flawed in unforeseen ways.

-Mike Schinkel

P.S. Jon Udell some great comments about the dangers of thinking "tools will
solve that problem" on his podcast interview about XBRL.

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