[whatwg] Graceful Degradation and Mime Types [was: trailing slash]

Mike Schinkel mikeschinkel at gmail.com
Sun Dec 3 21:48:38 PST 2006

>> Consequently these systems implement some sort of 
>> markdown format that's simpler and allows users to 
>> enter data in plain text or increasingly with a WYSIWYG 
>> editor. All that's needed is for these systems to generate 
>> valid markup, and we're done. Mot users don;t need to 
>> know any details of this. 

Not all use markdown, many allow HTML, especially blogs.  And the more I've
thought about it, the more I think markdown might be a bad idea (future blog
post planned on that topic, once I've crystalized my full thoughts on the

-Mike Schinkel

P.S. If markdown IS the answer, I think the W3C needs to define a standard
for such markdown.  There are too many competiting implementations for
userrs to learn today.

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