[whatwg] several messages about XML syntax and HTML5

Elliotte Harold elharo at metalab.unc.edu
Mon Dec 4 06:17:34 PST 2006

Ian Hickson wrote:
> * Possible Request A: We want a way to add proprietary markup to HTML 
> documents, and have them be usable by text/html browsers.
> This won't work, because the browsers won't support that proprietary 
> markup. This has nothing to do with the specs. (The same problem exists in 
> XML.) 

That depends on the antecedent of "them". My request is that I be able 
to add proprietary markup to HTML  documents, and have the *documents* 
be usable by text/html browsers. My own non-browser applications can 
make use of the proprietary markup.

In other words, I wish to maintain the existing MUST IGNORE behavior of 
current, legacy HTML browsers.

If I could use CSS or XSLT to style the proprietary markup for generic 
browsers, that would be gravy; but I at least don't want to go backwards 
  in the support that I already have today for proprietary markup.

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