[whatwg] XML databases, XML syntax and HTML5

Rimantas Liubertas rimantas at gmail.com
Sat Dec 9 02:07:13 PST 2006

<...> I understand why relational databases were used to build blog engines
> and content management systems. For a long time that was all we had.
> However, that's going to change fast. I expect that new systems are
> going to be developed using pure and hybrid XML databases like Exist and
>   DB2 9. The advantages to a programmer working on such systems are just
> too compelling to ignore.

Or maybe programmers use these database systems because they work,
and work good enough?

> One consequence of building on top of native XML database rather than a
> relational database is that well-formedness is going to become more
> important, not less. In fact, well-formedness is going to become
> essential because these systems cannot store anything less than a fully
> well-formed XML document. I predict that this, if nothing else, is going
> to convince blog engines and content management systems to start fixing
> up malformed content before storing it. Maybe all the legacy systems
> won't convert, but the new ones most certainly will.

In other words this means, that John Doe will have more headache with
such system, which will be pretty compelling reason to stick with
RDBMs which "just work".
In short - I don't share your vision of the bright future of XML DBMS.
Time will show.


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