[whatwg] XML databases, XML syntax and HTML5

Elliotte Harold elharo at metalab.unc.edu
Sat Dec 9 03:00:46 PST 2006

Robert Sayre wrote:

> <p class=question>says who?

Says me. Says all the vendors who have put their capital into native XML 
databases and not into native HTML databases.

One presumes a theoretical HTML database would support HTML. An XML 
database supports that plus all the other uses of XML.

Most current projects I've seen or heard of are in large publishing 
firms: i.e. the size of O'Reilly books are larger. 15 gigabytes of text 
is small for these systems, though it's huge for most web sites. I 
suspect it's just that this is where the money and the need lies for the 
moment. The same was true of SQL in its early days. However, I expect 
native XML databases to go down market fairly quickly over the next few 

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