[whatwg] <reset> element?

Paul Arzul paul.arzul at gmail.com
Sun Dec 17 05:27:08 PST 2006


(another) common problematic example is google cache. style can overreach  
and create a mishmash of unreadable overlapping text and images. for an  
example, see the top of the page on wikipedia's entry for whatwg:


something that can help is if each party using style limits it's reach by  
css signature (eg. <body id="www-whatwg-org"> and then add the id selector  
prefix #www-whatwg-org to each style rule). mixed html shares the same  
canvas, so this won't help when absolute positioning interferes with  
layout-- as is the case with the google cache example.

do browsers make it easy enough to disable style that we can ignore this?  
anyone mixing html seems to run into this problem-- i've seen it in  
bookmarklets and greasemonkey scripts too.

advertisers seem to use <iframe>-- although minor tweaking is required:  
opera inherits the base document's background-color, mozilla doesn't. i  
couldn't find the correct behaviour defined-- any pointers?

if this is not out of scope, perhaps we can help vendor clarity by  
mentioning which elements (eg. <iframe> and <object>) should typically  
"reset" style?

- p

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