[whatwg] whatwg Digest, Vol 33, Issue 90

FROIDURE Nicolas froidure_nicolas at yahoo.fr
Thu Dec 28 23:05:59 PST 2006


       I don't know if you ever talk about that, but some things seems 
important to me for the next HTML version :
Web forms :
    - 2 attributes for <textarea> : max (like other fields) and type (to 
specify a text mime type for the content edition bbcode, html, xhtml, 
xbbcode etc...). It will be a good way to improve the quality of the web 
by *improving the quality of user interventions*.
    - 1 attribute for <input> : autocomplete (it exists in XUL, a value 
could be an URL to load when some contain is typed).
Semantic :
    - 1 attribute for code : type.
    - maybe an attribute for em and strong. Something like "degree" and 
a numeric value to notice the emphase degree of the sentences.

Regards, Nicolas FROIDURE.
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