[whatwg] <A> Element & Attributes

Lachlan Hunt lachlan.hunt at lachy.id.au
Fri Jan 13 14:27:24 PST 2006

Eugene T.S. Wong wrote:
> If I understand W3C correctly, they intend to give designers and 
> developers the ability to make anything clickable. Should we allow 
> all/most things to be clickable by default? If we get rid of <A> and 
> just place the attributes in the containing element or a span element, 
> then we might produce better code. For example:
> <MENU>
> <LI HREF="/">Home</LI>
> <LI HREF="sitemap">Site Map</LI>
> <LI>Catalog</LI>
> <LI HREF="contact">Contact Information</LI>
> </MENU>

While there are some benefits gained from taking the XHTML2 approach, it 
would not be backwards compatible with existing UAs.

Lachlan Hunt

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