[whatwg] <BIG> Element

Anne van Kesteren fora at annevankesteren.nl
Tue Jan 17 02:16:47 PST 2006

Quoting "Eugene T.S. Wong" <lists.eugenetswong at gmail.com>:
>> <big> can't possibly be defined to mean two different things while  
>> staying in
>> the same namespace. Well, I suppose it could be based on the context it  is
>> placed in, but I think that would get confusing.
> Hmm, I was under the impression that we have selectors and classes to 
> define elements to have more than 1 meaning..?

Not sure what you meant with "selectors". The "class" attribute can't really
give meaning either although there are some efforts going on to give you that
option. That really sounds suboptimal though. Especially in this situation
where you want to use an element both for mathematics and shouting...

Anne van Kesteren

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