[whatwg] Mathematics in HTML5

White Lynx whitelynx at operamail.com
Thu Jun 8 00:19:28 PDT 2006

Anne van Kesteren wrote:
> I've already sort of proposed to add Ruby to HTML. Simple Ruby is  
> already supported by Internet Explorer in HTML (I think the XHTML  
> module was based on that implementation) and it makes sense to have it  
> for certain foreign (to me at least) use cases.
Unfortunately Ruby does not address our needs. One problem is implementation:
it is not suitable for rendering with CSS2.1 while CSS3 Ruby module is unlikely to be implemneted in near future. Another problem is that nesting of Ruby inside Ruby is not allowed, this gives rise to nesting limitations that affect some mathematical formulae. One more small detail is that Ruby, unless base is always simple like (#PCDATA), can not be processed by XSL formatters either (it this respect current proposal is also not perfect).

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