[whatwg] Mathematics in HTML5

White Lynx whitelynx at operamail.com
Wed Jun 21 09:00:29 PDT 2006

Michel Fortin wrote:

> 4.  In the same reasoning, it would be great if there was a way adjacent
>      elements could share the same horizontal space, like <sup> and  <sub>
>      when they are next to each other:
>          C<sup>1</sup><sub>2</sub>

To avoid changes on CSS side in current proposal 
this is achived via special HTML parsing rules that 
treat adjacent indices as stacked.

<sup>1</sup><sub>2</sub> => <stack><sup>1</sup><sub>2</sub></stack>

Parsing rules does not apply to XHTML version however.

> I'd also add that better support for combining diacritics in 
> Unicode,  designed to stack over each other, would be great for 
> maths too. 

They already are expected to stack over each other.

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