[whatwg] basefont

Lachlan Hunt lachlan.hunt at lachy.id.au
Mon Mar 20 04:17:51 PST 2006

   I'm just wondering how you're intending to deal with <basefont>? 
AFAIK, the only browser that supports it these days is IE, but it does 
so by breaking the DOM (I could be mistaken, but I think NN4 supported 
it too).

Considering that no other modern browser supports it and that IE's DOM 
looks like this when base font is used:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<p><basefont face="Arial" size="3">test</p>

#comment: CTYPE ht
     BASEFONT face="Arial"
           #text: test
   BODY (shown as error)

I think it should be made officially obsolete.  It should be inserted 
into the DOM as an empty element, but UAs should ignore it.  UAs may 
choose to support it at their own risk, but must not do so by breaking 
the DOM like IE does.

Lachlan Hunt

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