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Ian Hickson ian at hixie.ch
Fri Mar 10 11:42:48 PST 2006

On Mon, 6 Mar 2006, L. David Baron wrote:
> The following are comments on section 2.8 (Lists) of the 2006-02-16 
> draft of Web Applications 1.0 [1].
> The text on list numbering seems to lack conformance criteria.  The term 
> "ordinal value" of a list item should probably more clearly be a 
> definition (and not split into multiple places), and there should 
> perhaps be some user-agent conformance criteria regarding the ordinal 
> value of a list item.  However, such requirements should be careful not 
> to require a specific display when stylesheets change the display from 
> the default.

Well, the spec defines what the ordinal values of the list items are, but 
I don't really know what other normative criteria you would want.

Note that there will be a separate section purely for the rendering rules 
that may cover how to render list items, but that doesn't affect the 
definition of OL elements.

> Also, section 2.8.3 seems to suggest that the value attribute on li 
> applies only to the first list item, whereas 2.8.1 says it works on all 
> li elements.

I couldn't work out to what you were referring here. The sections seem 
consistent, as far as I can tell.

> This section should perhaps also give error handling requirements for 
> list items that are not a child of a ul, ol, or menu, regarding list 
> numbering semantics.

>From a rendering perspective that will be covered by the rendering 
section. I've added a note, however, that when the <li> is not in an 
<ol>/<ul>/<menu> element, it does not have list-related relationships with 
other <li> elements.

> Should this specification describe the type attribute for ul, ol, and li 
> elements that is in HTML4?  I believe it's widely implemented.

Is it non-presentational in some way?

If it is purely presentational, it will be defined in the rendering 

Spec updated.

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