[whatwg] Internal character encoding declaration

Peter Karlsson peter at opera.com
Thu Mar 16 03:35:53 PST 2006

Henri Sivonen on 2006-03-16:

> Right. So, as a data point, it neither proves nor disproves the legends 
> about transcoding *proxies* around Russia and Japan.

The only transcoding proxies I know about are WAP gateways. They tend to do 
interesting things with input, especially when the source doesn't specify 
what it is.

> In order for deploying a transcoding proxy to be safe for a Russian ISP, 
> virtually every form handler in Russia would have take countermeasures 
> against the adverse effects of transcoding proxies. Are the 
> countermeasures ubiquitous?

I haven't investigated, so I don't have a reply to that.

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