[whatwg] <progress> draft

Ric Hardacre whatwg at cycloid.f9.co.uk
Fri Mar 24 01:19:17 PST 2006

Ian Hickson wrote:
> I've added <progress> to the draft too.
> At the moment I support a range of "%" characters in the body of the 
> element:
>    <progress>5%</progress>
>    <meter>50&x2030;</meter>
> ...etc. This seems to be a good thing to me. However, I currently also say 
> that these work in the "value" attribute. I'm thinking that we should make 
> "value" be purely a floating point number. This would dramatically 
> simplify the processing model and would also let the DOM attributes simply 
> reflect the content attributes -- right now I'm not sure how to do the DOM 
> attribute of "value" because of this.
> What do people think? Is it valuable to be able to do:
>    <progress value="5%"/>

how about a "%" indicates a percentage from 0 to 100. if the % is 
missing then assume a fraction so:

<progress value="0.4375"></progress>
<progress value="43.75%"></progress>

are the same as far as DOM and scripting are concerned, for both: 
element.value == 0.4375;

<progress value="43.75"></progress>

would render as "100%" as it is greater than 1.0, the maximum fractional 

> ...instead of either of these:
>    <progress value="0.05"/>
>    <progress>5%</progress>
> ...?

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