[whatwg] Rich Text Editor

Cow kinhinglo at gmail.com
Mon May 29 03:22:21 PDT 2006


I was wondering whether the WhatWG have thought about having a 
standardized rich text editor tag, like a rich text version of 
<textarea> ( I hope you guys don't mind "feature requests"). At the 
moment a lot of scripts such as TinyMCE take a textarea, hides it using 
CSS, creates an iframe with contenteditable, then copies the contents of 
the iframe back into the textarea for submission. Scripts like TinyMCE 
can also be about 150KB. Instead of providing a very low level API such 
as contenteditable, a new form control for rich text editing could:

* Be more accessible to those without Javascript and have standardized 
keyboard shortcuts to perform tasks
* Provide a standardized rich text editor for developers and users which 
is familiar and easy to implement
* No hacks
* Right Click > Edit in [ Dreamweaver, Nvu, MS Word...]
* Browser preferences could allow someone to always edit in rich text, 
* Allow browser features such as spell check to continue to work.

IMO at the moment rich text editing on the web is not very web-like - a 
web developer can't roll their own WYSIWYG very easily, there are 
browser issues and there are all kinds of different hacks, licenses and 
bugs in different implementations of WYSIWYG. This could be a great 
opportunity to standardize and improve the editing interfaces in blogs/CMS.


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