[whatwg] Rich Text Editor

Matthew Raymond mattraymond at earthlink.net
Tue May 30 14:46:46 PDT 2006

Cow wrote:
> I was wondering whether the WhatWG have thought about having a 
> standardized rich text editor tag, like a rich text version of 
> <textarea> ( I hope you guys don't mind "feature requests").

   Yeah, we've talked about this at length. My attitude is that we have
three different use cases:

1) Simple WYSIWYG editing. For this, I support using an <htmlarea> element.

2) Advanced text-based editing and/or editing with HTML 4.01 fallback.
For this, <textarea accept> is the best solution. (Note that the
|accept| attribute will allow you to use non-HTML formats such as BBCode.)

3) Wiki-style editing where you can change everything in the page. The
|contenteditable| attribute is best in this situation.

   We've had long discussions on this topic, and there have been many
issues that haven't yet been resolved. I'd suggest you search the
mailing list archives for more details, as the arguments are quite detailed.

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