[whatwg] Rich Text Editor

James Graham jg307 at cam.ac.uk
Tue May 30 14:48:05 PDT 2006

A couple of comments that are basically tangentially related to your 

Cow wrote:
> * Right Click > Edit in [ Dreamweaver, Nvu, MS Word...]

There's no reason an existing textarea couldn't offer this. Indeed I 
once spent about 10 minutes failing to implement this is Mozilla using 
XBL (not terribly useful I know - I seem to remember having a hard time 
attaching a -moz-binding to a html element - but I barely know any XBL 
so it might be trivial).

> * Browser preferences could allow someone to always edit in rich text, 
> HTML, XHTML, etc.

The format would have to be specified by the server rather than the 
client since there's no reason to suspect a server with, say, an XML 
workflow could accept HTML.

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