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Charles Iliya Krempeaux supercanadian at gmail.com
Wed Nov 1 15:42:44 PST 2006


I think we're starting to see some of the limits of HTTP being hit.

Personally, I'd like to a protocol which allows communication in both ways.

HTTP 1.2?  XMPP/Jabber?  Something else?

See ya

On 11/1/06, Ted Goddard <ted.goddard at icesoft.com> wrote:
> Ajax applications often make use of multiple concurrent
> HTTP requests; in particular Ajax Push (Comet/Reverse Ajax)
> makes use of two HTTP connections: one to block waiting for
> messages from the server, the other to send messages to
> the server.
> The problem is that the connection limit for many browsers
> is two connections per browser per server. Sophisticated
> Ajax applications, on the other hand, need two connections
> per window (or tab) per server. This allows each window or
> tab to support two-way messaging with the server.  Without
> it (and without the ability for the two client windows
> to communicate and thereby share a single connection) the
> two available HTTP connections become consumed by the
> blocking message requests.
> I would like to propose that the HTTP connection limit
> be standardized at two per user-initiated window. (For
> instance, Safari is not limited to two connections per
> browser.)  This should be a relatively straightforward
> change in browser policy (browsers other than Safari,
> that is), but it is a significant enhancement for
> Ajax applications.
> Ted.
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