[whatwg] XMLHttpRequest connection limit

Ted Goddard ted.goddard at icesoft.com
Thu Nov 2 08:04:13 PST 2006

On 2-Nov-06, at 5:05 AM, Dave Raggett wrote:

> well how about an XMLBEEPRequest specification then?
> Beep is kind of like a bidirectional version of HTTP and includes  
> multiplexing capabilities with stream prioritization, see:
>      http://beepcore.org/index.html
> Beep isn't in widespread use as yet, but is well thought off
> by the IETF folks.

This would require the standardization of a JavaScript API for
BEEP, but it would be worthwhile because BEEP is explicitly
designed for building new protocols.  BEEP messaging would
probably map better into JavaScript than a pure socket API.
(Would we want to insist that the payload be XML?)

Of course, it wouldn't work if it was only implemented in the
ICEbrowser ... (so I'm curious what other browser developers
think of the idea)


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