[whatwg] Relationship to Charmod and Charmod Norm

Henri Sivonen hsivonen at iki.fi
Thu Nov 9 13:43:59 PST 2006

WF 2.0 says: "Implementations and documents must comply to the W3C  
Character Model specification. [CHARMOD]"

WA 1.0 says no such thing. Is that intentional?

Does C003 in Charmod outlaw bdo?

(C013 is enforceable. So is C023.)

(C001, C002, C054 and C076 are not machine-enforceable as far as I  
can tell.)

I guess C034 should be taken to mean that text/html without a charset  
parameter or a meta is non-conforming. Right?

I think C073 shouldn't render a document non-conforming. Would it be  
too annaying to emit a warning? Perhaps one warning per document  
rather than per character?

I think authors wouldn't like warnings on C047 and C048. Moreover, I  
think it should be concluded that Charmod SHOULD violation don't make  
an (X)HTML5 document non-conforming. Correct?

Charmod doesn't make a normative reference to Charmod Norm, which is  
a WD. Should I expect WA 1.0 to make a normative reference to Charmod  
Norm if Charmod Norm retains more or less its current substance?

I am not particularly excited about checking the normalization of  
source text, but I do think it would be reasonable to check the  
parsed data.

Henri Sivonen
hsivonen at iki.fi

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