[whatwg] Relationship to Charmod and Charmod Norm

François Yergeau francois at yergeau.com
Fri Nov 10 15:13:58 PST 2006

Henri Sivonen a écrit :
> WF 2.0 says: "Implementations and documents must comply to the W3C 
> Character Model specification. [CHARMOD]"
> WA 1.0 says no such thing. Is that intentional?

I hope not!

> Does C003 in Charmod outlaw bdo?

Nope.  bdo is simply an assertion by the author that the presentation 
order is not the usual one for the script.  The text is still stored, 
interchanged and processed in logical order.

> I guess C034 should be taken to mean that text/html without a charset 
> parameter or a meta is non-conforming. Right?

Correct. Auto-detection and user defaults are just error recovery.

> I think C073 shouldn't render a document non-conforming.

Disagree.  C073 is a SHOULD NOT and it should carry over to HTML 
conformance stricto sensu (i.e. as per RFC 2119).

> Would it be too 
> annaying to emit a warning? Perhaps one warning per document rather than 
> per character?

No more than one per doc, please!

> I think authors wouldn't like warnings on C047 and C048.

Perhaps, perhaps not.  Some authors want their apps to keep them as 
close to spec as possible.  Authoring tools should certainly abide by 
C047 and C048 when generating escapes on behalf of the author.

> Moreover, I 
> think it should be concluded that Charmod SHOULD violation don't make an 
> (X)HTML5 document non-conforming. Correct?

Totally incorrect, IMHO.  RFC2119 SHOULD's are real conformance 
requirements that a spec admits can be disobeyed in some cases, given 
good enough reasons.  Absent such good reasons, they are requirements, 

François Yergeau

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