[whatwg] Still beating the drawString() dead horse...

Stefan Haustein sh at kobjects.org
Tue Nov 14 05:29:44 PST 2006

Arve Bersvendsen wrote:
> drawElement() is hardly unpractical, bloated or overkill, since it's 
> actually probably the only way to get _somewhat_ predictable rendering 
> of text, pioneered by almost 10 years of CSS. 
> drawString() reintroduces the unpredictability of font and layout 
> differences without attempting to solve any of the problem.

Hi Arve,

sometimes it is a good thing not to try to solve all problems at once, 
in particular in API design.

drawElement() is actually not any little bit more predictable than 
drawString(). If you disagree, please be specific.

I have seen no use case for drawElement() mentioned here, but I have 
provided lots of use cases for drawString() where drawElement would be 

Best regards,

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