[whatwg] Canvas lack of drawString method

James Graham jg307 at cam.ac.uk
Tue Oct 17 14:11:01 PDT 2006

Mathieu Henri wrote:
>> I believe that some people's reason for not wanting to add it was 
>> because of Accessibility concerns.
> But if a user agent do no support Canvas, it MUST fallback to the 
> descendant tags of the Canvas.
> There you have the accessibility mean.

So how would I, using my canvas-supporting browser, make the text larger 
when the page author decided to make it illegibly (for me) small.

The idea that accessibility features are for people who need special 
browsers is a myth.

(actually the whole text-on-a-drawing thing is a huge can of worms. What 
if the browser has different fonts to the author? Font substitution can 
lead to a font being used with the wrong width, leading to text 
overlapping the drawing. (Browser implementations of) SVG have this 
problem. The same issues can occur if the text can be rescaled but not 
he graphic elements. The obvious solution to this - rescaling text and 
graphic in lockstep - is an improvement but can lead to huge amounts of 
unnecessary scrolling if the unscaled figure has a width close to the 
screen width since there's no sane way to reflow a figure.)

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