[whatwg] Element name expressiveness

Michael(tm) Smith mikes at opera.com
Tue Oct 31 23:56:05 PST 2006

Michel Fortin <michel.fortin at michelf.com>, 2006-10-31 09:43 -0500:

> I find the proposed <x> and <t> elements to lack expressiveness in  
> their names. I understand that making them shorter is desirable, but  
> it also has a drawback: they're harder to understand simply by  
> looking at the source and their meaning can more easily be  
> misunderstood. Not everybody read the spec and those that don't are  
> more prone to use them inappropriately.
> Personally, I'd favor <term> and <time> instead, or anything else  
> that conveys a meaning.

If the design criteria were to try to keep names of new elements
reasonably short while still having unobscure meanings, then
<time> and <term> would seem to meet that criteria, and <m> would
better be <mark>. But I'm not sure what the criteria are. I mean,
what's the rationale behind having <meter> and <progress> while
reducing the name of the date/time element to <t>?

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