[whatwg] Modal Dialog Box support

Matthew Raymond mattraymond at earthlink.net
Wed Sep 6 11:46:52 PDT 2006

Charles McCathieNevile wrote:
>>    So, what, we're supposed to order and read a book from Amazon.com in
>> order to know what you're talking about?
> You could always go to a library. I believe the reference was offered as  
> something useful, should you be inclined to take the time.

   There's three problems with this thinking:

1) Not everyone lives near a public library with a wide selection of
computer science books.

2) Not everyone has the time and the gasoline (which is expensive these
days) to go to the library every time someone references a book on a
mailing list.

3) Response to the email in question is delayed while the reader is
hunting for a book.

   James Graham was more tactful about this, and I suppose I could have
myself been a little more tactful to the person who posted the
Amazon.com link, but I want it to be clear that it's not acceptable for
someone to have to be well read to participate in this mailing list. As
such, your comment may be seen by some as elitist.

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