[whatwg] Apple Proposal for Timed Media Elements

Maciej Stachowiak mjs at apple.com
Thu Apr 5 09:57:03 PDT 2007

On Apr 5, 2007, at 4:53 AM, ddailey wrote:

> I understand that some here have reasons not to be happy with SMIL,  
> but its implementation within SVG really is quite nice and  
> understandable. So far as I can see, the discontent with it stems  
> primarily from the fact SMIL seems to have alternative  
> specifications. Since the SVG implementation is the one which seems  
> to have met with fairly wide adoption, why not just converge with  
> the attribute set used there to control an animation?

Vlad's message is about Apple's proposed CSS properties, not DOM  
attributes. SMIL is in the markup and so gives you no way to separate  
presentation from content. The CSS properties would let you separate  
time presentation of a <video> or <audio> element, or in theory an  
<img> showing an animated image format or any other element that  
could be interpreted as showing timed media.

So I don't think this competes directly with SMIL.


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