[whatwg] Parsing: comment tokenization

Nicholas Shanks contact at nickshanks.com
Sat Apr 7 16:19:08 PDT 2007

On 7 Apr 2007, at 23:48, David Håsäther wrote:

> Markup starting with "<!" are declarations in SGML not tags.

Yeah, sorry. I added the doctype bit after <object> and forgot to go  
back and amend the introductory statement. Consider the question to  
be "tags and declarations that don't start with <!--" :-)

> But what do you mean by support? From an SGML point of view, it's a  
> markup error -- you can only have comments inside a markup  
> declaration. I'm pretty sure nothing will "break" though.

Really? I didn't realise that. Suppose it's why <!-- is used and not  
just <--
Well it's a shame, because it would have been really useful in HTML.  
And it reminds me of HyperTalk :-)

> Why do you ask?

Because I don't have access to a Windows machine.
I'd still like to know, if someone has WinIE and a spare moment to  
paste it into the DOM tree viewer. I would hope for the comments to  
be cut out and no empty attributes created.

- Nicholas.

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