[whatwg] Sequential List Proposal

Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis bhawkeslewis at googlemail.com
Wed Apr 11 13:27:44 PDT 2007

On Wed, 2007-04-11 at 11:13 -0700, Kevin Marks wrote:

> My point is that this is breaking the expected containment of <dt><dd>
> in a <dl>- if you want a new structure purely for dialog, define
> <speaker> and keep <q>.  I really fail to see why redefining a
> definition list as speech is less 'proper' than expanding the context
> of <q> slightly.

IMHO it's not a slight expansion. The <dialog> proposal does not
redefine dt or dd as speech. It provides a particular context for terms
(speakers) and definitions (speeches): a usage supported by the HTML
4.01 specification. (Again, I'd prefer specific elements for dialogues.)

Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis

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