[whatwg] HTML 5, OGG, competition, civil rights, and persons with disabilities

Dave Singer singer at apple.com
Tue Dec 11 15:44:21 PST 2007

At 13:45  -0500 11/12/07, Fernando wrote:
>Please reconsider the decision to exclude the recommendation of the
Theora/OGG Vorbis codec in HTML 5 guidelines.

This entire discussion is founded on a major misapprehension:  that 
there has been a decision, and that decision was to exclude.  This is 
simply not true;  there is no decision either to include or exclude. 
There is a recognition that work is needed.

I and others have spent a great deal of time on this problem already, 
working with a number of people, including the W3C staff.  Many of us 
-- maybe all of us -- agree we need to find a solution that enables 
broad interoperability and is in accord with w3c and web practices. 
We have not yet reached consensus on having found it.  That's all.

David Singer

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